Still Think You Need Cardboard Moving Boxes?

Reusable plastic moving boxes just make sense but we also recognize that there might just be a time and place for cardboard moving boxes too.  At this time we do not sell cardboard but we do have an excellent alternative that we can offer you as well.  Here are a few reasons why you might want to buy cardboard moving boxes vs. renting BlueCow Boxes™:


  • Moving long distance.  If you are moving a long distance, across the state or country, then I’m guessing you probably won’t want to drive back to Iowa to drop off your BlueCow Boxes™. In this case you may want to buy cardboard moving boxes instead of renting or talk to us about shipping your moving boxes back to us. 

  • Moving items into long term storage. If your stuff will be in storage for a long period of time then renting our moving boxes could get a little bit expensive. You may need cardboard boxes for this situation but once again, please talk to us first, we may be able to work with you on a long-term rental option.

  • You have this insane desire to tape up, tear down, and discard cardboard boxes. In this case, well I don’t know what to tell you other than you better go with cardboard.

  • You hate money. Renting BlueCow Boxes™ is actually cheaper than buying cardboard moving boxes. BlueCow Boxes™ are bigger, easier to handle, and your movers will love them. If you don’t want happy movers then you might want to go with cardboard moving boxes vs. renting.


If you still think that you need cardboard moving boxes then give us a call.  We can give you some tips and point you in the right direction.