Is BlueCow Boxes™ a moving company?

No, we are not. BlueCow Boxes™ rents affordable, reusable plastic moving boxes to customers in the Des Moines metro area, including Ames. We leave the packing and moving to you. With the help of our sturdy, industrial-strength plastic moving boxes, your move will be easier, cheaper, and environmentally friendly. Some of our customers choose to move themselves, others use the services of a professional moving company. Either way, we make it easier on you, your wallet and the environment by providing you with the best boxes and rental service in the moving industry.

What is storage-by-the-box?

Coming Soon! Storage-by-the-box™ is BlueCow Boxes™ industry-changing storage service that takes the pain out of traditional self-storage. With a few clicks, BlueCow Boxes™ will have our heavy-duty plastic boxes delivered to users’ doors. Once users pack their belongings, we'll get them picked up, catalog each item in the boxes, assign an individual barcode to each box, and then put the boxes into a safe, secure, and climate-controlled storage facility. Customers can request delivery of any of their boxes at anytime and anywhere within our service area.

Does BlueCow Boxes™ charge a fee for delivery and pickup of moving boxes?

No. We deliver your order right to your door on the date that you request and will pick them back up when you are finished with no additional charge for delivery and pickup.  

Do I need to be home during the delivery and pickup of my BlueCow Boxes™?

Yes. Upon delivery, we will need you to sign the BlueCow Boxes™ rental agreement. Upon pickup, we will need you to be present while we count and inspect your BlueCow Boxes™.

Why use BlueCow Boxes™ for my move?

BlueCow Boxes™ will save you money vs. the cost of buying new cardboard moving boxes, will keep your valuables in one piece, protect the planet and basically make your life a whole lot easier with durable, stackable, sustainable containers. 

Why don’t I just use old used cardboard boxes for my move?

You have no idea where those used cardboard boxes have been and what all has been in them.  Used cardboard boxes are home to dirt, dust, bugs and lots of other critters. Besides being cleaner and stronger than used cardboard boxes, BlueCow Boxes™ don’t require assembly, packing tape, breakdown or discarding. 

I am in the middle of my move and I need more BlueCow Boxes™. Can you deliver additional boxes?

We will do our best to help you select the correct amount of BlueCow Boxes™ for your move. However, you are the best judge of how much stuff you have. When in doubt, order a few more BlueCow Boxes™ than you think you’ll need. If you do need additional BlueCow Boxes™, there may be a delivery charge if your order does not meet our delivery minimum of $75.00. Just give us a call and we will do what we can do to help you out.

How do I pay for my BlueCow Boxes™ and any additional supplies?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover and PayPal. Full payment is required prior to delivery of your BlueCow Boxes™ and any additional supplies.

Can I keep my BlueCow Boxes™ longer than 2 weeks if needed?

Yes, call as soon as you know that you will need them longer than your initial rental period and we can give you rental rates for additional one week periods. 

How big are BlueCow Boxes™?

BlueCow Boxes™ are 27x17x12 in. They hold about 2.5 cubic feet each and can hold up to approximately 100lbs.

Do you sell BlueCow Boxes™?

Yes. If you would like to keep a few of the BlueCow Boxes™ after your move, they are $30 each and we can just add them to your order.

Do you have rental packages for office moves?

BlueCow Boxes™ are extremely efficient and cost effective when moving your office to a new location. Contact us and we will put together a specific rental package to fit your needs.

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