We deliver. You pack. We pick up & store.

We reinvented self-storage.

Only pay for storage you need.

Empty boxes delivered free.

Moving Box Rental

We deliver. You pack & move. We pick up.

Cheaper Than Cardboard. 

No Tape. No Trash. No Mess.

It's That Simple.

Here's How It Works.

We Deliver

industrial-strength plastic boxes to your door for FREE.




You Pack

your stuff into the boxes.

You Decide

if you are renting the boxes for a move or for storage.

The Pricing

is simple and affordable, no hidden fees.

storage-by-the-box starting at

$7.50/per month per box

(standard box - 13x17x27 - 3 cubic ft) 

$19.50/per month per box

(big box - 26x28x41 - 17 cubic ft) 

We drop off empty boxes for free.

We pick up and take your boxes to storage for free.

Need something back? Deliveries are only $17.

Insured and stored in secure climate-controlled storage.

Store as long or as little as you want. No contracts ever.

moving box rental starting at

$95/per two weeks

One Bedroom - 25 boxes + wheels

$305/per two weeks

with packages up to

Five Bedroom - 100 boxes + wheels

*Add additional weeks to any rental package

We drop off empty boxes for free.

You pack. You move. You unpack.

Call us when you're done, we will pick them up for free.

No tape. No trash. No mess.

It's that simple.

Big or bigger. Your choice.




*big box for storage-by-the-box only

Security is number one.


Secure climate-controlled storage with 24/hr surveillance

All items are cataloged and entered into your online account.

Boxes are barcoded for tracking and quick access.

Login to your account to view and access your items.

Order your boxes back with just a few clicks.

We have delivered thousands of moving boxes

to happy customers across Iowa. Call or order

online today to reserve boxes for your next move!

1-844-99 MOOVE