join the revolution !

Since the time of cavemen, cardboard boxes have been used to help humans move from one cave to another (at least we're pretty sure), but it's time for a change. Here at Blue Cow Mooving Boxes, we believe that reusable moving boxes will revolutionize the way we move going forward.

Here are 8 reasons why you should rent instead of buy :

the right size

Our moving boxes are the perfect size for packing up and moving: big enough to fit what you need but small enough to move with ease.

stong like a blue cow

To be honest, cardboard boxes can be a bit wimpy, breaking under even minor weight. Our boxes are built tough and built to last.

sturdy handles

Cardboard boxes need to get a grip (literally). BlueCow Mooving Boxes come with sturdy, comfortable handles that never rip. Ever.

super stackable

BlueCow Mooving Boxes are made to be stacked up and up and up. Their grooved lids help keep them in place throughout your move.

roll into place

Our boxes may be easy to carry, but why carry when you can roll? Each rental comes with a rolling cart specially made for our boxes. You can always rent extra if needed!

ready to go

Unlike with cardboard boxes, Blue Cow Mooving Boxes don't require a bunch of tape to keep them secure: just close the lid and go!

it's cheaper

On average, our customers save 25% on moving costs by switching from cardboard to our reusable mooving boxes!

Blue is the new green

We're not saying that renting reusable moving boxes with us means that you're technically saving the world, but that is sorta what we're saying.