Top 15 Moving Tips

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We have seen a lot of moves happen during our time at BlueCow Boxes™. We’re pretty excited about saving you money and we have a couple of other tips and tricks worth sharing while you get ready to move.

  • The most obvious: de-clutter! It takes a lot of time and planning but makes a huge impact.

  • Pack a “First Night” box of basic items you need the day of your arrival.

  • Start with out-of-season items or items that you rarely use.

  • Many moving companies allow you to keep soft items in drawers. Use other things like pots, baskets and laundry bins to move items. Make every space count. Don’t move air!

  • Other soft items, like towels, sheets and even stuffed animals, can act as filler in your boxes.

  • Rolling luggage can be great for heavy things like books.

  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box and label each box. It’s helpful to have an “Open Me First!” box per room that contains the most used and needed items.

  • Plastic wrap, stretch wrap, paper bags and sandwich bags are a mover’s best friend! Load up on them at discount stores and use them to keep your life organized and simple to unpack.

  • Place 2-3 inches of crushed paper into bottom of boxes for more delicate items. Be sure no sharp points, delicate edges or rims are left uncovered.

  • It’s the little things that often get overlooked that break most often. Consider putting masking tape on your mirrors. Put cotton balls in your cosmetics to keep them from cracking. Cover all your liquids and lotions in bottles by sealing the top with plastic wrap, sealed then with the lid. Wrap your small picture frames in soft cotton shirts.

  • Take a photo of all of your electronics, wired, before you dismantle them. It will help you re-wire everything more quickly with a visual handy. Also secure all cords well during a move.

  • Pack dishes sideways for more stability. Consider placing foam, disposable plates between your good plates to give them a cushion.

  • After your box is packed, can you lift it? Make sure you can before moving day arrives!!

  • Decide in advance, you will have some fun. Attitude is everything. Things will inevitably go wrong. Keep a sense of humor and don’t let the little things get you down.

  • Celebrate! With all the time you just saved not having to break down boxes to recycle them because you chose BlueCow Boxes ™, you have plenty of time to spare for that house warming party!

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