How Do You Pack & Move A Retail Store?

Lisa and Brad Rea were recently faced with the overwhelming task of moving their retail business, Suite Dreams, from their location in Clive, IA to their new location in Windsor Heights. The Rea’s now have a beautiful store that not only sells “Bedrooms and Stuff for Kids”, but also now allows them to host baby showers and other events at their new store. Thank you, Brad and Lisa, for trusting BlueCow Boxes with your move! Here is what they had to say about their moving experience:

“How do you pack up and move a retail store? You call BlueCow Boxes! We used BlueCow Boxes when we moved Suite Dreams (Bedrooms and Stuff for Kids) a couple

months ago. I cannot imagine how we could have done it without them! The empty boxes

were delivered to us and picked up when we were finished. The BlueCow Boxes were the

perfect size, easy to manage, stackable, sturdy and dependable. We loved the attached

suite dreams boxes.jpg

locking flap lids. No messy sticky tape involved! The uniform size was perfect to stack and move with a 2 wheeler to load on and off the moving truck. We also stacked the boxes on the BlueCow wheels and easily moved them wherever we needed them in the store, making moving and lifting easier on our backs! We used the BlueCow Boxes over and over as we moved, packing and unpacking. We were so glad not to have a mountain of empty cardboard boxes to contend with when we finished! I would never move a business or a household without BlueCow Boxes!“

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